Writing a Wedding Speech or Toast – Toasting Guide

Being invited to a wedding is a true honor. Some feel a bit intimidated when it comes to knowing how to write a wedding toast. With a little time and creative thinking, just about anyone can write a great wedding speech! Wedding speeches are something that guests really look forward to. Some are poignant, others funny and every great wedding speech is full of personal touches just for the happy couple. It seems like everyone can remember that “great wedding speech” they heard to honor a family member or friend. Giving a great wedding speech is a way to show your love for the happy couple.

Remember to follow proper toasting etiquette to respect both the occasion and the bride and groom and their family. Weddings are full of tradition and various etiquette formats that must be respected. At a traditional wedding, the order of toasts is important. Most often the best man gives his toast first and other family members and members of the wedding party follow. You don’t have to be a great public speaker to give a great wedding toast or speech, simply speak from the heart and try to have your thoughts organized ahead of time.

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