Wedding Toast Tips – Part III How To Add Your Personal Touch?

Many toasts you will hear, or have heard in the past, will have a personal memory about the Bride, the Groom, how they met, or a story from the speaker’s past that involves the Bride or Groom.

For your speech, adding your own recollections about the Bride and/or Groom, you can give this wedding toast your own personal touch.

After the opening, and before your closing “Congratulations!”, take just a moment to reminisce and tell your audience a few little-known tidbits about the Bride and Groom.


Absolutely NO words about ex-girlfriends or past relationships, and DON’T say anything that will make the Groom look like a slacker, loser, drunk, or druggie. Making too much fun of the Bride and Groom is definitely NOT allowed. Check out our Toasting Tips for more do’s and don’ts of your speech.

If you choose to skip the embarrassing recollections in favor of saving face for the Groom, the middle of your speech can include a nice story of how the Bride and Groom met, or even encouraging words of advice for their future together.
How Will You Know If It’s Not Right?

If you are still unsure about the content, ask someone you know for his or her feedback. You’ll be grateful for the pre-wedding audience.

How To Choose A Closing

A great toast has a good opening and a good closing, so what’s that last word you want to leave with your audience? Finish with a wish or blessing for the happy couple, and a resounding “Cheers!”, “Congratulations!”, or to “Jane and Joe!”. You can also use a one-liner classic toast like “To love, laughter, and happily ever after”.

Don’t forget to take a sip, you’re done!

Tips On Delivering Your Speech

Some last minute notes about that third P, Practice. While we can’t help you out there, you should take some time to get to know your wedding speech, and yes, -GASP-, maybe even practice.

Still Doing This?

  • Sitting about attempting to write your speech?
  • Trying to add some life, inspiration and flair?
  • Sweating needlessly with the jokes not knowing if they’re funny?
  • Remembering past exploits or choosing the right ones?
  • Having sleepless nights worrying about your speech?

Well forget all that! With Instant Wedding Speech Templates, everything is done for you. With semi-customized templates and tons of full speech examples, you’ll have a great speech in no time!

That wraps up your free guide on Toast Writing. Simply by knowing and applying these toast writing techniques you’ll be 99% ahead of the game!

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