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If you’re going to give a speech at the wedding, you can use some of our free wedding toasts samples suitable for best men, fathers of the bride, maids of honor, brides and grooms, bridesmaids, sisters and brothers of the bride or groom, anniversary wedding speeches, engagement party speeches…

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Best Man Toast to Bride

I rise to offer a toast to the Bride. May this day be the beginning of a new chapter in a love story that will endure forever, and bring joy and happiness to her and her new husband. May she always remember and honor the vows she made today and let them be the strong foundation on which their life together will be built.

Best Man Toast to Groom

Here is to my friend. Today I had the honor to stand beside him on this most important day, as he has so often stood by me in good times and bad. I wish him and his lovely bride nothing but happiness, prosperity, and good health for as long as they shall live.

Funny Wedding Toast: Best Man to Bride and Groom

A toast to the Bride and Groom on this their special day. We wish for them all the best in their search. And a search it is going to be, for in the words of Henny Youngman, “The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.” Best of luck in figuring it out.

Maid of Honor Toast to Bride

(Bride’s name), we have shared so much our lives with each other. I am so honored to be sharing this day with you. Starting today, you will begin to share a life with (groom’s name), but remember that I will always be here for you and always ready to stand up by your side. Here’s to our everlasting friendship!

Bride’s Toast to Groom

To my wonderful new husband, who has shown me what love really is. Who is the reason for my happy days and the comfort in my sad ones. Who cheers my successes and comforts me in my failures. I am so proud to be your wife. I love you. Cheers!

Groom’s Toast to the Best Man

I offer a toast to my Best Man. It is a title he has not heard often when he has been compared to me. Yet today, he has earned it with his loyalty, and so I will let him keep it for one more day. Then he has to return it to me.

Bridal Shower Toast: Bride’s toast to Guests at Bridal Shower

To my wonderful friends, who have helped me so much with my wedding plans and preparations. Thank you all for this special day and thank you for your friendship throughout the years. I can’t wait to have you as part of my special day, it will make everything that much more wonderful.

Father of the Bride Toast to Bride

I raise my glass and toast my daughter and the man she has chosen to be her life companion. A fathers sometimes doubts this day will ever come, and sometimes he fears it. My daughter is a princess to me, and will always be my little girl. May happiness and joy be with her always.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Toast To the Couple

To (Husband) and (Wife) who have taught us the true meanings of devotion, commitment, and love. Thank you for the example you have given to each one of us about how to make a marriage last. We raise our glass to you as you celebrate a lifetime together. May your love carry you for another 50 years!

Irish Wedding Toasts

Here’s a health to all those that we love,
Here’s a health to all those that love us,
Here’s a health to all those that love them
that love those
that love them
that love those
that love us.

Bridesmaid Toast to Bride

To my dear friend, (Bride), who has been such an important part of my life for so long. I am so honored to stand up next to you at your wedding. I can’t wait to see the wonderful things that you do in your life with (Groom). May your days be filled with laughter and magic and may you always know the love of your friends.