Keeping Wedding Toast Etiquette

The big wedding day is something that almost all women have envisioned in their minds from the time they were very young. With that said, they almost always have a fear of something going wrong or something being said that is very inappropriate. If you are giving a toast, you should prepare yourself for it. Below is one of the more common routines:

The bride and groom is toasted by the best man.
The bride and her family is toasted by the groom.
The bride and groom get toasted by the two fathers.
The bride and groom toast each other.

There are a few things to keep in mind when delivering a toast. Hopefully these will help you:

1. You are not preaching a sermon here. The toast should be no longer than 5 minutes, preferably much shorter if many people will be toasting.

2. Stand up when delivering your toast. If you are being toasted, sit down.

3. Don’t make your guests feel awkward when you are toasting them and they have an empty glass.

4. Always announce how you are related to the bride and groom. Several guests may not know.

5. Feel free to share personal stories. Sharing the first time that the bride and groom met is always popular.

6. Always keep your jokes tasteful. You do not want to make the audience, or more importantly, the people you are toasting feel awkward.

7. Never use any jokes that would require you to answer follow-up questions from the audience. You want to include everyone in the audience in your toast.

8. Keep your toasts PG rated. Not only is anything past that likely distasteful, but you will have children in the audience probably. It is not the responsibility of those in the audience to not be offended. It is your job to ensure that they are not.

9. Do not mention past girlfriends, marriages, or relationships.

10. End your toast with a serious note. A wish, blessing, or religious reference are popular things

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