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Weddings happen once in a lifetime for most people and it is a time to celebrate. Part of the celebration includes speeches given by the bride, groom, maid of honor, best man, and of course parents, friends, and family members.

These speeches should be emotional, poignant, and above all, well thought out. However, most people can’t put their emotions into words let alone write a coherent speech they would be proud to deliver on their wedding day or the special day of a friend or family member.

Fortunately, there are websites like that reduce the stress of coming up with the perfect speech because they already have all the speeches you could ever need!

Bride and Groom Speeches

The bride and groom are obviously the most emotionally vested individuals in a wedding ceremony so it makes sense that they would want the perfect speech. It’s hard to write a speech if you never have before so using a pre-written speech is perfect. Check out their variety of speeches from serious to funny and emotional to spiritual. You can use one of their speeches exactly as it is written or else use it as a starting point to help you personalize the speech to your situation.

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Best Man Speeches

When you were asked to be a best man you said yes without a second thought, but now that you are trying to put together a speech for the big day you aren’t sure you are up to the job. There is no need to be nervous when it’s all right here waiting for you to take advantage of! When you have the right tools at your disposal you can make giving a speech look like child’s play.

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Maid of Honor Speeches

There are maid of honor speeches written from a variety of viewpoints so you can find the one that works for your personality. Of course, you could take several speeches and blend them while adding your own touches. It’s up to you! The great thing is takes the stress away and gives you the right words to the emotions you are feeling on such a special day.

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Father of the Bride – Parents Speeches

When your child or family member is getting married there is a mix of emotions that can be hard to put down on paper or even articulate verbally. You are happy, sad, anxious, worried, and hopeful all at once! If you aren’t careful you could very well offend someone, in fact you may have already! If you would like to avoid any wedding day blunders on your part you need to start planning for your toast to the bride and groom right now. The big day will be here before you know it and you need to know what you’re going to say!

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Write Your Own

Some people aren’t comfortable using a pre-written speech, and that’s okay. I Do Wedding Toasts can still help because they offer quite a few articles on how to write a wedding speech or toast focusing on your relationship to the couple whether you are the groom, bride, sister of the bride, best man, friend, family member, or other relationship. The articles even address wedding proverbs, the correct order of wedding speeches, wedding poems, wedding humor and more.

This website is a great resource for those planning on giving a speech at a wedding regardless of whether they need a pre-written speech or help writing their own. If you need help with a speech for a wedding definitely check out this site and you will find it is a valuable resource.

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