Wedding and Marriage Jokes and Humor, Wedding One-liners & Funny Wedding Stories

Laughing at a wedding has become a great tradition, no matter the type of ceremony. It seems that wedding jokes and wedding humor are very much looked forward to by family, friends and the guests who attend the wedding.

Everyone has a different sense of humor. Some have a wacky and wild sense of humor, others have a witty sense of humor and still others have a more slapstick sense of humor. But most agree that the best wedding jokes are clean wedding jokes. Staying in good taste means telling a joke that everyone can appreciate. No one wants to tell a joke that the wedding party thinks is funny, but upsets someone’s mother-in-law terribly. A good humorist always remembers their audience!

Funny wedding stories are ideal for every wedding. You can share your funny wedding stories of the bride and groom and their moments of getting to know each other or even before they knew each other. These moments are ideal to share. A great story is filled with personal touches and unique funny one-liners. Funny wedding anecdotes are one of the most popular moments for the wedding guests to experience.

Here’s our collection of wedding and marriage humor, clean wedding jokes, wedding one-liners and more funny stuff  that you can use right away for your funny wedding speech!

Wedding & Marriage Jokes and Humor, Funny Wedding One-liners, Funny Openers, Clean Wedding Jokes