What Jewelry Should You Wear To Your Wedding?

By Tom Takihi

Ever since time immemorial, brides have always relied on accents to highlight their glow and beauty on their special day. The first stop for this is your jewelry. But how do you choose?

First, consider is your gown and your wedding motif.

A simple gown merits an elaborate jewelry design heighten the accent. High necks can provide the perfect backdrop for large gems serving as a lavaliere
(a pendant on a necklace). A low-cut neck makes way for a multi-layer arrangement of gems or pearls.

As the bride, you can wear the more elaborate earrings, if you so prefer. Gems can hang on chandelier earrings, especially if you have a long-ish face. Studs serve to frame the face – circles for round faces, squares for long faces.

For your wrist, a bracelet over your glove will do wonders. You can opt to wear a watch though this is not a traditional wedding accessory. If you absolutely need to be abreast of the time, bring a mobile phone in your little bridal purse. This will also help keep you on top of everything.

If your veil requires a headpiece, discuss this with your hair designer. A tiara can be a wonderful accent, though a floral arrangement can be a refreshing alternative. In some cases, a combination of the two would be perfect. In any case, let the expert advise you on this.

The color depends on your preference but there are traditional choices – pearls and diamonds. In recent years, gems have gained more popularity to serve as a consistent thread among the jewelry of the bride and the entourage. The color motif helps guide which stones to use – sapphires and lapis lazulis for blue, gold and amber for yellow and orange, emeralds and jades for greens, amethyst for pinks and purples, and others.

Second, make sure that your pieces match in some way. You don’t need to buy an entire set, especially if you have an heirloom you can use. Get pieces that have aspects similar to what you have – color, cut, type of gem, design, etc.

The more subdued versions will do for the ladies of the entourage, especially the flower girls.

Lasty, turn your attention to the men – especially your groom! You’d be amazed at the accessories they use.

The most essential of the lot are the cufflinks. If these can be in the same motif as your jewelry, it would be great. But remember that most people prefer to be able to use expensive pieces more than once. It is important to consider also what he likes.

Another essential piece in his look is the tie pin. This should also be consistent with his cufflinks. Optional pieces include collar pins, dress watches or chain watches.

For the completely consistent jewelry for you and your entire entourage, you can customize the design. This will save you hours poring over glass cases and catalogues but it can be expensive. So, consider this well.

At the end of the day, as the bride, it is your decision–your choices, your budget and your jewelry. Be open to those who can help you – you can use all the help you can get! It all boils down to you – no matter what you wear, you are the radiant bride whose smile gives the best sparkle of all.

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