Wedding Favor Traditions

By Roy Dietelzieg

A Wedding is one of the most important days in every couple’s life. There are many ways in which the wedding celebrations can be remembered, such as through videos and photographs. There is also another way of having your wedding day remembered by your guests.

This is by giving away wedding favors. Wedding favors serves as a souvenir and a gift of appreciation to your guests. A wedding would not be complete without the wedding favors.

According to history, the Aristocrats in Europe started the giving of wedding favors. The first wedding favors are called bonbonniere. Bonbonniere is made up of sugar that had the shape of a cube. It was placed in a small box that can be made from crystal and porcelain. At that time, sugar was the symbol of wealth and royalty. According to beliefs, sugar had a lot of health benefits. During that era, only the rich people were able to give bonbonnieres to their guests. But with the passage of time, the price of sugar decreased and become affordable for people from all walks of life. This started the tradition of giving away wedding favors.

Now days, choosing wedding favors for the wedding day is not a big issue. From expensive wedding favors to the less costly ones, there’s always a choice for the couples. There is no reason why you will not be able to give wedding favors to your guests.

One of the most popular kinds of wedding favor is food. As we all know, people love to eat. There are different ideas for preparing food as your wedding favor. If you are on a tight budget, you can use Oreos and other chocolate cookies as your wedding favor but first you have to decorate it. Place it inside a box, then put a ribbon on it and attach a small thank you note on the outside the box. You can also bake your own cookies if you want.

Pewter is also a nice wedding favor, however, it is more appropriate for very formal weddings and it is more expensive.

You can also give away flowering plants. If your visitors love it and plant it in their garden, they will surely remember attending your wedding. Place the plant inside a terra cotta planter and then add a small thank you note and decorate the plant with some ribbons or by painting a design on the pot.

Giving away fragrant soaps and candles is also a good idea. These are not hard to find. You can always buy them in bulk from your local stores or you can make them yourself. If you are planning to create your own, buy the ingredients and then the essential oils needed for making the soaps or the scented candles. You can shape them any way you want.

Giving away wedding favors, whether as a tradition or as a way of showing gratitude to the guest is a good idea. It does not always have to be expensive. As long as it is given wholeheartedly by the couple, the guests will cherish it.

About the Author: Roy Dietelzieg has worked in the jewelry industry and particularly on diamond engagement rings for 15 years, with a vast experience on weddings and wedding preparation, Roy now writes Wedding Favor Tips for the Wedding Favors.