Tips for Choosing a Wedding Cake

So, you’re getting married! Congratulations! You’re probably already up to your elbows in wedding plans such as making a guest list, finding a location, choosing your colors, and picking the perfect wedding gown. And don’t forget the wedding cake! A wedding cake is a traditional part of any wedding celebration. And today’s cakes come in so many different varieties that there’s something perfect for everyone!

A good first step is to look at pictures of wedding cakes. Many cakes are so beautiful, it’s a shame to cut into them!

There are wedding cakes that offer fresh flowers, intricate design, and amazing color. No matter if you want a traditional white cake or a modern confection featuring lots of vibrant color, there’s a cake for you! Take your wedding colors into consideration when choosing a cake design. Most always, your wedding colors will be incorporated into your cake.
When it comes to flavor, it’s up to the bride and groom. There are as many flavors as there are designs! Choose from such delicious choices like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon, marble cake, angel food, caramel, carrot, and more!
One new trend that’s showing up at weddings all over the country is that of cupcake wedding cakes. These cakes feature a plethora of carefully arranged, beautifully decorated cupcakes placed on tiers and designed to resemble a traditional cake with a great twist! Try cupcakes frosted with your wedding colors, or how about cupcakes that are frosted with realistic looking flower blossoms in a myriad of colors? This would be especially cute for spring wedding!
When it comes to cost, what you’ll pay will vary depending on your location, the cake you choose, and the company you choose to make it for you. You can find small businesses that offer great cakes for a budget price, or go premium and hire a specialty bakery to create you an ornate custom confection.
Be sure to try lots of samples when shopping for a wedding cake. Part of the fun of wedding planning is getting to try all those different kinds of cakes! And by tasting each choice yourself, you’ll be sure to choose the one you truly like best!