Steps the Bride and Groom Can Take to Improve Their Wedding Photos

By hafiz lecky


If you are reading this article then there is a good chance you may be planning your wedding. So often many details are planned with extreme care and the photographer is chosen and expected to produce beautiful wedding photos; however, sometimes the location may be perfect and the weather may be glorious but the photographer will find himself with some photographically challenging situations to deal with that could easily have been avoided.

Outlined below are some simple steps that can help you improve your chances of getting good wedding photos.

After all so much time and money has been spent on the wedding it is a shame to then reduce the quality of the wedding photos for a few simple mistakes that I have noticed are unfortunately quite commonplace at many weddings.
1. Please try and keep the room where the bride is preparing herself clean and tidy. An important part of the day is the bride’s preparations, often emotions are running high and unique and intimate moments can occur. However it does not help the quality of the photos if the room is a mess with underwear, tissues, empty drink cans, food wrappers and all sorts lying around. This scene is most often found when a hotel is being used for the preparations. Remember a clean room looks nicer in the photos and it will also help you to stay calm as it will reduce the chance of you having lost something in the chaos.
2. Make-up and Hair. If you are extremely confident about your abilities then go ahead and do your own hair and make-up. However please bear in mind that wedding make-up is different from normal make-up as it has to withstand the sun, heat, sweating, lights, kissing, crying and more. If you are someone who does not normally wear make-up please consider it for your wedding day. A sweaty face without make-up will reflect the flash and cause many photographic problems. I also believe that if you are getting married in a sunny climate a tan helps to form a good base colour for the make-up. It also contrasts nicely with the white of the wedding dress. For the groom make up is not necessary but a good shave and a facial will help.
3. Hats and Veils. A hat can be an interesting accessory at a wedding and was commonplace quite a few years ago. It can make for some great photos however it can also cause problems with casting shadows over the face. Veils are very common and look good however please make sure it is very well attached. The main problem with veils is that after the wedding if you wish to have photos outside and it is windy the veil may well be flying away too much. Be prepared to remove the veil after the wedding if it is windy or if you have a veil that covers the face a lot. For hats and veils the safest option is to do photos with and without them for the best results.


4. Glasses. If you wear glasses that’s fine, I don’t think you should suffer contact lenses just for the day of the wedding if you don’t normally wear them. After all if you are marrying someone who wears glasses then that is how you know them. You can easily remove them and do some photos without glasses.
5. Bouquet. The bride should practice walking and know how to hold her bouquet. The photographer will tell you what to do with it but it helps if you already are comfortable with it.
6. Shoes. Practice walking in your wedding shoes, you should be able to move freely and without looking awkward.
7. Family photos. Prepare a list of family photos for the photographer. Your relatives and friends may have traveled a long way to participate in your big day, preparing a list beforehand will ensure that the most important group and family shots are fulfilled without forgetting someone. The list will also make the photographers job of the set group photos much quicker allowing you and your wedding party more time together.

About the Author: hafiz lecky is an oracle certified associates currently running a succesful relationship blog