Selecting The Right Diamond: Anniversary Or Bride To Be Advice

By Carl Price

Your “special day” is fast approaching. You are prepared to ask the big question. Or, you just love her enough to want to give her a beautiful diamond to showcase that love. In any of these cases, the most fundamental thing for you to do is to choose just the right diamond.

Not all have the same worth and they are not all appropriate. And, depending on your funds as well as her tastes, you need to know where to look to find just the right diamond too.

I Cant Do This

If you feel like this is one of the most difficult decisions of your life that is because it is! What you give her is going to show her just how much you love her and how much you want to demonstrate that love.

If you give her a ring that she isnt going to like, nothing is going to be accomplished. If you give her something too over the top and not right for her style, shell feel strange wearing it.

To help you to find just the right diamond for your loved one, here are some tips that you need to know.

Know What Shes Going To Love. Not sure what she will like? Just look at the diamonds that she may be wearing now. Or, allow her to pick out a smaller piece, such as a necklace or something related as a gift. This is the most ideal time for you to notice what type of diamond she loves. A little reconaissance in the jewelry box wont hurt.

Gather Knowledge. Next of priority is to gather the knowledge that you need to make a good purchase. This will include looking at the diamond certification, the four Cs (carat, clarity, cut, and color), and the various unbranded versus branded diamonds.

You can find all of this info readily available to you throughout the web. Understanding what these terms mean, as well as being able to spot the diamonds worth is the key to good diamond selection.

Size And Shape Do Matter. Lets face it, she is going to love a bigger diamond a little more. And, the shape of the diamond is also sizeable. You may need to head off to the jewelry box again to determine what shape she loves, but you can also choose based on what you love too. As for size, make sure that she would be comfortable in a larger sized ring and then purchase accordingly.

It is also critical to select the diamond that you purchase from a jeweler you can count on. Do you ever feel bombarded by salesmen when you walk into one? A great way to find a beautiful diamond, get only the amount of customer service you want and to get one of the most ideal prices is to shop for that perfect diamond online. Believe it or not, you get better selection and better pricing.

Anniversary Versus Bride To Be

Should there be a different approach in the diamond that you select for your anniversary and the one that you gave her as an engagement ring? To this, there is much controversy. In some traditions, nothing the woman wears should outshine her ring.

But, one way to give her something even more elaborate is to give her an addition to that ring. For example, if she has a single stone ring, as most engagement rings tend to be, then you will be able to have a fitted ring purchase that can be worn next to it and even wrapped around it.

In this case, though, youll need to speak to your jeweler and bring the actual diamond in. So, she may know what you are up to unless you are very sneaky. (Tell her that her gift is to have it professionally cleaned!)

Selecting the right diamond is the ultimate key to a successful anniversary.

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