Scottish Wedding Music

The Scottish wedding is steeped in ancient Highland traditions and most modern day weddings in Scotland have some elements of traditions going back hundreds of years.

These traditions are particularly strong when it comes to wedding entertainment and the music played at Scottish weddings will often include the legendary bagpipes, as well as Scottish folk music and ceilidh dancing. Bagpipes are steeped in Scottish tradition and are commonly used at weddings.

The bagpipes add a special atmosphere and sense of grandeur to any Scottish wedding. The piper usually stands at the church door, in full Highland dress, and plays as the guests arrive. Later he leads the couple from the church to the car and he might also pipe them to the top table of honour along with the bridal party. Gaelic hymns are often played at Scottish weddings and the bride is frequently piped down the aisle.
When it comes to the wedding reception, choosing your music and entertainment is very important. Many couples now opt for a live band for weddings rather than a DJ for example. A traditional ceilidh can add to the atmosphere and is now becoming more popular with married couples. When hiring a wedding band in Scotland, couples may be looking for ceilidh music. A ceilidh band can provide all night entertainment for the wedding guests and is popular with both the old and the young.
A modern day Scottish wedding band will often includes ceilidh music in addition to their repertoire of contemporary rock and pop cover versions. This keeps all the relatives happy no matter what age they are – there’ll be some music to suit everyone. Most live bands will also have a list of songs to play at a wedding, from which you can pick and choose your favourite tunes. They will also of course, take special requests from the married couple. Often the couple will have a particular favourite (their song) which has special importance for them.
In a traditional Scottish wedding reception, the newly-wed couple will lead off the dancing, and the festivities often last long into the night. Before the evening is finished the bride and groom will sneak away quietly and go to a secretly arranged destination for their wedding night – the start of their honeymoon. In some case, at the end of the evening guests may gather in a circle and sing “Auld Lang Syne”.
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