Las Vegas Drive Thru Weddings

by Helen Goldstein

Las Vegas drive thru weddings have become quite popular over the last 15 or so years. Usually they are being chosen by the young couples who want to tie the knot in a bit funnier and unconventional way. For some folks it’s also important that drive thru weddings are one of the cheapest, because usually they involve only the wedding ceremony – not the reception. You simply show up at the drive up window of one of the chapels that provide this type of wedding and get there the blessings required by the Nevada state to consider your wedding to be legally valid.

So you drive up in your car, truck or van, or appear riding your motorbike or bicycle. You could even ride a horse (that might be considered pretty romantic…). Some creative couples showed up to get wed on roller-blades; some were even sitting in their boat. If you drive your vehicle, such wedding would cost you very little – as little as $25 only for some wedding music and the ceremony (minister gratuity extra) – at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel.

But if you flew in to Vegas and don’t have your own vehicle, you still can have your drive thru wedding; you just have to rent it from the chapel or from anywhere else in the city. Most popular vehicles? Stretched limousines, especially Hummer, classic cars, sports cars and Harley motorbikes.

Now, if you asked me, I would say getting married while sitting in a beat-up truck and listening to the announcement that you’re now a husband and wife is too close to buying a Big Mac during the lunch time. There is nothing here that would excite me, impress me with something special that I would cherish for years. Maybe it’s novel, maybe it’s crazy and funny, but sorry – if this is the way you celebrate something as big as starting new life together, so how do you expect to honor your vows in the years to come?

Well, apparently I’m too traditional because drive thru weddings and vow renewals are very popular in Las Vegas. Those who experienced them, maintain that – contrary to what I feel – it was a romantic and even more intimate experience that a regular wedding at a church or chapel – because it was only two of them, very close to each other (note: at least one witness is required by the Nevada state law and this is provided for free by the chapels – if necessary).

There are at least 4 chapels in Las Vegas that offer drive thru weddings:

· A Special Memory Wedding Chapel

· Little White Chapel Tunnel of Vows

· Chapels of Love

· A Las Vegas Garden of Love

The idea of drive thru wedding was born in 1991 when the staff at the Little White Chapel noticed that some handicapped customers had difficulty getting out of their car and into the chapel. The drive up window opened on Valentine’s Day and it became such an innovation that also non-handicapped people began asking to have a drive thru wedding. Other chapels soon followed, but over the years it was necessary to improve on the idea. The chapels tried to add some more glitter and excitement to it, which helped to make drive thru weddings one of the more popular nuptials on the Strip.

For example, Little White Chapel created the Tunnel of Vows that has a romantic ceiling with starlights and cherubs. Adding Elvis The King is always popular and it truly will make it memorable when Elvis will pick you up at your hotel and then will drive you through the Strip down to the drive up window in his neon-lit pink Cadillac. Elvis may sing a couple songs for you or even act as your minister!

Having a drive thru wedding in a limo is another very popular add-on package, with stretch Hummer and Lincoln Navigator topping the list of the most often used limousines.

But if you really are a romantic person at heart and always wanted a princess wedding in Vegas, but you love your chosen one so much and wanted to please him and show him how much you love him that you agreed to marry him without the presence of your mommy and daddy, in a car at which your now new hubby spent 3 full long years to tinker with, so you may show that your romantic soul by releasing dozens or more of white doves or Monarch butterflies (offered at A Special Memory Wedding Chapel).

Just make sure that you spend some extra money to buy the video and pictures from the wedding so that you could show them to your parents and I’m sure when they see the doves and the Monarchs, they will forgive you that you ran away to Vegas on weekend without telling them. I’m sure it will help to convince them to pay for a nice wedding reception back at home. They may even pay your next year’s car insurance on that boneshaker… Which would make your Las Vegas drive thru wedding very successful and memorable.


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