Lalique Crystal: A Marked Beauty

Well-known all over the world and revered in the Art Nouveau circles, Lalique Crystalis highly sought-after by collectors. The crystal’s unique opalescent nature gives it a unique, somewhat mystical look. Its subtle blue hue brings to mind images of crystal clear waters in a foggy beach.

What makes the Lalique crystals even more mystifying is how the opalescent crystal subtly changes color when it is help up against the light. Indeed, this one-of-a-kind crystal is a master’s creation and a collector’s gem. They also make very good keepsakes and wedding gifts.

While The respected master behind Lalique crystal is Rene Jules Lalique, a famous jeweler, glass sculptor and designer. Back in his time, he founded a firm under his own name. What elevated his firm to popularity was his unique Lalique glass. His firm produced high-quality Art Nouveau pieces using his trademark Lalique glass. Due to the beauty of the Lalique crystal, his firm, and Lalique himself, became known as a forerunner in the glass art of the Eighties. His Lalique glass gave birth to genuine Lalique creations ranging from vases, bowls, perfume bottles, and chandeliers. Later on, however, Lalique moved on to creating ornaments for car hoods, and clocks as well.

When the year 1920 rolled along, the Lalique crystal can be found in various creations in Art Deco style. The Lalique crystal’s timeless beauty helped it leap over generations and evolve into a venerated contemporary art piece. Many contemporary designers celebrated the Lalique crystal with their own Lalique collections, which they promoted simply by using the master’s name himself, with the label “Au Style Lalique”.

As years moved along, the Lalique crystal continues to dumbfound with its rare and mystical appearance, which lends any piece an uncontested beauty. What sets the Lalique crystal apart from all the other crystals is that all the pieces made from Lalique glass are marked with the Lalique name. Back when Rene Lalique was still alive, the pieces were marked with “R. Lalique”. Interestingly, the first few pieces made from the unique Lalique glass were marked with the thumbprint of none other but the master, Rene Lalique himself. Nowadays, the Lalique crystals are simply marked “Lalique”. But of course, the name itself is a legend in glass art. What matters is that the pieces are marked, because it is safe to say that no Lalique has ever gone unmarked. And no unmarked piece can ever be a Lalique.

So, if you are caught by this marked crystal’s beauty, or if you are a collector pining for a Lalique piece, make sure to look for the Lalique mark. There are plenty of ways to shop for a Lalique piece. The Lalique pieces have now grown in number, with pieces such as desk ornaments, figurines, glass animals, jewelry, and even ashtrays and glass or crystal boxes. Whatever you choose, the piece being a Lalique alone is enough to raise its status above any other item. After all, it’s not just the glass that matters, but the name “Lalique crystal” itself is held in high regard.