The Perfect Engagement Gifts

There are all sorts of engagement traditions that are unique to cultures, most are strikingly different. For instance there is the Italian engagement tradition whereby the bride would be serenaded by the groom with a song.

However, one country famed around the world for it’s culture and customs is Ireland. As you could expect, the Irish have their very own engagement tradition that goes back many years.

Irish Engagement Tradition

In Ireland there is a long-standing tradition that an engaged couple should be presented with a crystal bell that should be stored away safely within easy reaching distance. That sounds a bit strange you may think, but think again. There is sense behind thisengagement gifts engagement tradition!

Any married couple will be able to tell you that they have times when things are far from wedded bliss, and so enters the Irish engagement tradition. When an argument breaks out between the couple one of them is to take the crystal bell and ring it thus signifying the end of their dispute.

Life being the way it is though, there is bound to be demand on the bell to cease an argument. According to the tradition the next time an argument rears its ugly head the other partner is under obligation to ring the bell and stop the fight. Therefore, both partners have a responsibility to stop arguing simply by ringing the bell.

The Perfect Engagement Gift

As you can imagine, crystal bells make perfect engagement gifts that are sure to be received with a smile and a chuckle. Rest assured though that they will come into use at some stage during the marriage!

Each of the crystal bells available have been crafted by hand in Ireland by skilled artisans using only the finest materials. This means that when you are searching for engagement gifts that you can rest assured that you are getting only the finest in craftsmanship.

Irish Engagement GiftsTheir range of traditonal Irish engagement gifts are crafted by hand in Ireland, according to the techniques of old. They offer free gift wrap and gift message with each order!