Choose The Type Of Wedding You Want Carefully

by Chris Towland

It will be a day you will remember forever. The day you and your love will tie a bond between you that will last forever and you will want it to be special beyond belief! What day am I talking about? Your wedding day; it is the day that little girls dream of and mothers sigh when hearing the news of.

Now that the event is in the planning stages are you going to have it inside a lavishing church? How about on the beach, as the sunsets over the lapping waves of the ocean?

Lapping waves sound so romantic don’t they? Sunsets, what could be better?

Here are some simple things to think about when choosing your wedding location and whether or not those lapping waves could be a blissful romantic soul soother or a nightmare in the making.

First think about choosing the site of your ceremony. The beauty of the ocean or a river path needs little embellishment. When planning an outdoor wedding, let the location speak for it’s self. And remember that Mother Nature speaks loudly so make sure an outdoor wedding is exactly what you want by using these questions in your decision-making lists.

THE PLACE: Is place you are looking at free of other events on the date you want? Are all permits and papers easy to access, do you need special permissions for large parties? Will the space where the chairs be placed in loose sinking sand or is the beach full of storm debris? Do you have a long flowing gown in mind? Would a church floor be better then a lawn, for the dry-cleaning bill afterward? Does my area have storms in the month I want my wedding? If so, should I have the ceremony inside or rent a tent? Does both families agree on style like casual, religious or traditional wedding? If you have a particularly long ceremony think about if you want guests to be prepared to wait to use the restroom (if on a beach) or be prepared to rent extra facilities. Once you have an idea of the area you want your wedding to be preformed you can add the type of build you want it to be in, by using this list of things to think about.

TYPE OF TENT OR BUILDING: Will it be a frame tent or a tent with center poles and ropes on the outside to secure it? Will the area hold tent stakes? Should you rent a church or community center because a large portion of your family are elderly and cannot walk well on sand or winding paths? Does your local park have the perfect place like a gazebo or arbor free of charge to local residents? Open air means wind, bugs, and birds. You now have some basic ideas about the place of your special ceremony and type of building, tent or open area you may enjoy. You might want to think about how large a wedding party that space can hold.

HOW MUCH SPACE YOU NEED: The number of people attending the wedding determines size of your area. Style of wedding. Will it be a formal or casual style? Size of the band or do you have a recording for processional music? Size and shape of chairs or bench for setting guests and number of aisles required. You might have a difficult time hauling a tent or canopy with aisle runner, kneeling benches, candelabras, a wedding arch and other accessories to a small-secluded beach or riverside. If this were a concern for you it would be better to hire a professional rental company that can help you coordinate all the extra details that must be imported for an outdoor event. An outdoor wedding can be the most wondrous of occasions and hold a place in your heart and memory forever. With a little forethought and planning your day can go off without any hitches and I hope these hints about what to think about when planning your event helps you on the way.

My last suggestion would be to purchase a guide to outdoor weddings and talk to your local wedding specialists before jumping in feet first.

Good Luck and congratulations on your up coming wedding.


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