Using Wedding Poems in Toasts

If you seem stuck working on your wedding speech, there are a lot of things that you can add to your speech to come alive. Some people will even sing a short line from a song during a wedding speech. If you are no singer but wanted to add spice to your speech, you can use wedding toasts poems. Romantic poems are very versatile.

This would have your guests saying “love is definitely in the air”. There are thousands of wedding toast poems that you can use. You can head to your local library to browse appropriate wedding toast poems. For easier access to these poems, you can browse our articles and search for poems that would appropriate for the wedding.

There are a number of themes that you can choose from. Funny wedding toasts are getting popular in non-traditional weddings. This can really get your audience to laugh. Doing so can really make the celebration light and festive. You can also get some heartwarming quotes can really move the newly wed couple as well as the audience. Wedding toast poems can really bring out the emotions out of you, especially if you choose something that you can really relate to.

Here is one short wedding toast poem you can use:

The Best Is Yet To Be
By Joanna Fuchs

On your joyful wedding day,
You begin a brand new life.
Friends and family give their gifts
To joyful husband, blissful wife.

But the greatest gift you’ll ever get,
A gift from heaven above,
Is love forever, ending never,
Everlasting love.

You’ll share life’s joy and pleasure;
You’ll have plenty of that, it’s true.
But love is the real treasure
For your new spouse and you.

And if life hands you challenges,
As it does to one and all,
Your love will hold you steady
And never let you fall.

Your wedding day is full of joy;
Tomorrow you cannot see.
But one thing’s sure for the two of you:
The best is yet to be.

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