Tips For Wedding Speeches

It is quite normal that everyone at some point in their life will have to speak at someone’s wedding. It can be in any role, that of a father of the bride, or the best man. While the reason for being called to speak at a wedding can be anything ,it is a good idea to have a couple of good points handy that you can use when the occasion arises. While it is normal to think that the talking points are obvious, please bear in mind that it needs a bit of thick skin for public speaking.

Some key points to keep in mind while making a wedding speech are listed below.

Just because it is called a wedding speech does not mean that like some other speeches it should go on interminably. This is not an opportunity for you to display your vocabulary or impress people with your oration skills. Whatever your personal opinion about how interesting you are try to keep it short. Remember that people are there to enjoy the wedding and not to hear you speak. Five minutes should be adequate to cover whatever it is you wish to say. If you find yourself going on for longer then try to end quickly.

A bad result of long speeches is that there is the impulse to try and break the monotony with an occasional joke. Humor has its place and it usually takes a long time of practice to know how to use it effectively. Most public speakers have professional speech writers working for them, they do not do humor impromptu. Do not try to sound funny because a wedding is not a joke. However, if you are a compulsive jokester and cannot help yourself then at least try to make the jokes pertinent so that your speech does not reflect bad taste. The biggest no-no as far as humor is concerned is that you should never, ever make jokes that refer directly to the bride.

Weddings are sentimental occasions so it is alright for people to feel warm and mushy. Sharing sentimental stories is a very good idea. You can talk about how much the recently married couple are in love (if you really know about it), about your own wedding, and similar topics. These are appropriate things to say, provided you can once again maintain good taste.

The most important thing that needs to be remember when you are called upon to make a wedding speech is that you are not being called as a guest of honor or something, this is not about you and your entire effort must be for the benefit of the bride and groom, not yourself. Keep your words focused on the couple as much as possible, this is their moment, do not steal from it.

Just remember these few tips and and you will be quite alright when called upon to make a wedding speech. It helps to remember the right things to say and the nice memories to narrate. It needs but a small amount of preparation and does not need anyone to be a professional pubic speaker. You can do it.

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