Wedding Speech by Sister of the Bride or Groom

Being the sister of the bride or groom, taking part in their wedding ceremony brings lots of pleasure and joy. This is the time when you forget all the past about your misunderstandings and wish all the happiness and good for them. However, a sister of the bride or groom speech has a very high expectation from the bride and groom. This is an essential and traditional part of any wedding.

This guide will provide you the necessary information about how to prepare a speech that will be well appreciated.

The first and foremost trick is to break down the speech into three parts: The Start, Content and Finish.
If you can start the speech well, then your speech is already a success. To begin with a short prose or poem or a nice joke relevant to the occasion is a very good idea and will be well accepted by the newly wed couple and the audience.

To expose the best of your abilities, preparing and rehearsing the speech well in advance is the correct way. This will help you get over the sentimental, emotional and nervous part of beginning your speech.
Then, wish or congratulate the newly wed couple from the bottom of your heart in a natural way. You can also share your expertise and what you have felt about the occasion. Most of the brides expect a word or two in praise about the wedding ceremony in general.

Try to frame the speech as a natural talk with the bride which will make it easier to memorize and speak. You can remember all the fond memories and funny events that you and your sister shared together right from childhood.

Making a speech more personal will expose your love, affection and closeness to the bride. Generally, plan for about 3 to 4 minutes of content and do not prolong it beyond that since it will then loose its importance and become boring.
Then finally, conclude your speech telling the bride some compliments about how the newly wed bride and groom appear happy together. Do not forget to welcome the new member of your family the groom.

You can also conclude with some noted quotes , well wishes and some spiritual remarks and advice from your point of view about married life. If the presentation is made in a casual and friendly way, you will succeed in expressing your sincere gratitude and happiness about the event.

Following these guidelines will help you give a impressive speech.
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