Second Wedding Vows

If you’re planning a second wedding, then you may be dealing with lots of various issues. Not only do you have the normal wedding related things to handle such as the guest list, gown, cake, reception and honeymoon, you have other issues that are unique to a second wedding. Issues such as blended families, children, and in-laws that may or may not be accepting of the union.

All of these factors can become rather overwhelming for any bride-to-be already up to her ears in wedding plans. Another thing that any couple preparing to marry needs to think about is their wedding vows. Wedding vows are a highly personal way to declare your love, devotion, and commitment to one another.

Many people use traditional wedding vows, and that’s fine. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with traditional vows for your second wedding, don’t worry. There are lots of other fantastic ways to recite your vows that may be more suitable for you.
One option is writing your own vows. This provides you with total control, and allows you to express exactly what you want to say. If you will be gaining stepchildren with your new marriage, then you can include them in some way in your vows. It will make them feel included and get your new family off to a great start!

Another form of second weddings is that of vow renewal. Maybe you’re simply planning to renew your wedding vows with your spouse. In this case, it’s highly appropriate and even preferable to write your own vows. You can reflect on the time you’ve already spent together, as well as the dedication you have to a happy future.

For a renewal of vows, there’s some basic etiquette you should follow. Since you’re already married, there’s no need to have bachelor or bachelorette parties. Ditto for bridal showers, they are inappropriate. The bride can wear a white dress if she chooses, however any other color besides black is also acceptable.

Regardless of whether your planning a second wedding or a renewal of vows, your wedding vows are an important declaration of your intention towards one another for the years to come. By putting some thought into your wedding vows, you can plan vows that are romantic and meaningful for you and your partner.