How to Give a Great Religious Wedding Address

A Christian wedding speech can be very beautiful, but it can be difficult for some people to put together in a great way.

When you write a religious wedding speech you not only have to figure out how to incorporate emotion, experience, and hope for the future, you also have to choose the best way to integrate religion. Religion is not all that hard to incorporate in a wedding speech if the wedding is done in a church, it’s just making the religion fit into a very heart felt wedding speech. You don’t want to go for all of the cliché wedding speeches; you want to make it original and something that will really mean something for the bride, the groom, and their specific relationship and experiences.

One of the best ways to bring together a Christian wedding toast is to think about all of the great scriptures out there about love and marriage. Many of these scriptures can serve as inspiration for a speech. You might want to jot down the scriptures that come to mind, and then get a separate sheet of paper for some of the other things, such as specific events or experiences, that you want to speak about or refer to in your religious wedding speech. Because you want the speech to be unique you may have to put some thought into this. A religious wedding toast shouldn’t just be about religion and Christianity, instead it should specifically apply to the new relationship.

A bride or a groom can talk about the fact that they believe that God put them together for a reason, and that the holy union of the two of them was truly meant to be. Friends and family members can relate their experiences and the trials and triumphs of marriage, and simply share a scripture or passage from the Bible that has helped them get through the rough patches that they have endured in their marriage. Sharing experiences and hope through scripture or Bible passages is a great way to bond with the bride and groom, and even a way for the bride and groom to bond through religion and Christianity.

The important thing to remember when you are putting together a religious wedding toast is that religion doesn’t have to be the most prominent part of the speech. You want your thoughts and feelings to be noticed the most. Once you have established the way you feel, either as a bride or groom or as a family member, you can then insert some religion or Christian philosophy. Sometimes, reminding the bride and groom that church and religion will always bring them together even when they seem to have mostly differences, is the best way to make a religious wedding toast.

Your Christian wedding speech may make all the difference somewhere down the line. Many bride and grooms will remember the advice and scriptures that are shared with them through family and friends for the rest of their lives. When a bride and groom both give Christian wedding speeches they can really come together in a spiritual way. Perhaps during the rough times they can reflect on the words that they spoke on their wedding day, and feel reunited through some of their first words shared as man and wife. While many stay away from religious wedding toasts, they are a great idea if the newly wedded couple is religious and plans to strengthen their relationship through God and their relationship with Him.

A Christian/Religious Toast Template