Tips For The Quiet Best Man Wedding Toast

Shy speakers often are selected to give speeches or toasts at weddings, and this can be a nightmare for them, though they don’t want to tell the bride and groom.  Being selected as a best man or giving your daughter away at her wedding is a huge honor, so you try to suck up your shyness and learn how quiet man wedding toasts can be given that won’t make you feel as uncomfortable as you might at the idea of getting up in front of a crowd.

Not to worry, a quiet man can deliver a great speech whether he is the best man, the father of the bride, or a quiet friend of the family that would just like to say something to the new couple!

Thankfully, a quiet best man speech or father of the bride speech will likely go unnoticed by all of those in attendance if you plan ahead.  It’s likely that no one will require that you make a very long speech, so work on congratulating the new couple. If you are the father of the bride simply explain that you are happy to welcome the groom into the family and you know that he will fit in well.  If you are quiet but have a great sense of humor, think about adding some humor into the mix.  Humor may help you break out of your shy self and enjoy the moment as well as make everyone laugh so that they may not notice how shy or nervous you may be!
Because there will likely be other people that will want to make speeches or toasts, perhaps you can go first and get it out of the way.  Shy speakers often have a difficult time getting up after that alpha male that seems to be able to do anything in public without thinking twice, so if you go first you won’t have time to get even more nervous.  This will also help if you have your speech memorized and you don’t want to run the risk of forgetting what you want to say as well as repeating what others may have said.
If you’re going to give a quiet man speech, wedding receptions are the place to start.  If you are nervous, you don’t need to be.  By the time everyone gets around to giving speeches many simply aren’t paying attention because they are enjoying great food and drinks.  Perhaps giving this speech will get you over your fear of public speaking, or at least you will prove to yourself that you can give speeches and be a pleasantly quiet man!  Though it seems like a contradiction, quiet men often give the best speeches because they put a lot of thought into what they have to say.
Whether you are a shy speaker or a somewhat quiet man, you can give a great speech or toast at a wedding.  Remember that there is no real length of time that you need to spend speaking in front of the crowd, so you can keep things short and sweet.  The key is to think about what you want to say ahead of time so that you can deliver a speech or a toast that will be sincere and will allow people to look past the fact that you typically are a quiet man!  When you are planning your speech think about both the bride and the groom and what will make both of them laugh, smile, or appreciate what you have to say.