Master of Ceremony Wedding Speech

Being the Master of Ceremony is an intriguing experience in ones life, especially in the wedding of very near and dear ones. It is an emotional and special event that stays in memory for ever. Giving a exceptionally interesting and enjoyable speech will add greater joy to the event.

The following paragraphs will guide you on how to prepare a speech and deliver such that it is appreciated by one and all.

The first thing to bear in mind is that, since there will be a huge audience, the emotions will be running high and so will be the nervousness. In such an environment even the best speakers cannot speak on the fly. Preparation therefore is the key aspect for succeeding in performing well. Spend ample amount of time about what you want to speak and make notes for it.

Being responsible for the overall smooth conduct of the reception ceremony, there will be many additional things bothering your mind. You have to put these thoughts away for sometime and stand up confidently when you deliver the speech. Speak clearly and slowly pronouncing each word elegantly. If you try to speak fast you may end up jittering and considering the situation you may also panic about what is going on. So keeping your cool and a steady approach is essential for success.

Since your speech will be the first, start with extending a warm welcome to the guest on behalf of the newly wed couple. Also make aware to the gathering about yourself, introduce any special guests. A short joke now and then during the speech will remove the monotony of the speech and this humor will make it more entertaining and enjoyable experience to the speaker as well as the audience. Also do not feel shy or embarrassed to refer to your notes to check your progress.

Practice the speech in front of the mirror to yourself and judege your performance. Doing such rehearsing a few time will add to your confidence and improve your performance on the stage. You can also take the help of your friend to help you judge your speech during practice. Avoid vulgar and clumsy remarks or jokes since they might hurt the sentiments and feelings of some of your audience.

Conclude the speech congratulating the newly wed couple and a toast to their happy and prosperous married life. You may also add some spiritual remarks to conclude.

Following these simple guidelines, you can give a very good performance and a well appreciated speech.