Maid of Honor Wedding Toasts and Speeches

Other than the Bride’s mother, there is no woman more special to the Bride than the Maid of Honor. The Maid of Honor is usually a best friend or a sister. This is a woman very close to the Bride and it is ideal that she would make a toast, just as the Best Man does. The Maid of Honor’s wedding speech most often follows the Best Man’s.

Many Maid of Honors choose to focus on their friendship with the Bride during their speech and how happy they are for the Bride. Some Maid of Honour speeches are whimsical or funny. Many Maid of Honors will share personal stories about the Bride’s search for true love and how wonderful it is that they found the Groom and how much they love him.

Sometimes the Maid of Honor may talk about how the Bride has wanted to marry the Groom ever since she met him! This is a very flattering thing to say, and may make the Bride blush a little but everyone will love to hear this. Maid of Honor toasts are most often sweet but sometimes can be funny. This is especially true if it is a sister giving this wedding toast. We all know how well sisters know each other! The Maid of Honor’s toast is given especially to toast the Bride and to celebrate the occasion.

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