Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Guide

Maid of Honor Speech Tips

Let’s face it. A wedding is all about the bride. Well, not really, but a good majority of it is. Therefore, the speech from her Maid of Honor is very important. Following are a few tips to ensure a smile, and perhaps even a few tears from the bride as you give your Maid of Honour speech.

To begin, be sure that your speech is prepared beforehand. Because this is such an important and memorable event in the bride’s life, you want to deliver a wedding speech that is smooth and put together.

Write down the entire speech or even just a few points before the big day. Practice your speech on other people or in front of a mirror by yourself. This way your can settle some of your nerves on the big day by knowing you are fully prepared to deliver your Maid/Matron of Honor speech.

Next, bring up some memories that you and the bride share. You were chosen to be the Maid of Honor, probably because of a deep connection the two of you share, as well as a long and deep history, whether you are sisters or the best of friends. Bringing in a personal anecdote or two will remind the bride, and the audience, of this strong relationship. Talk about how you met, and some of the things the two of you have been through together. This helps the audience understand your relationship, thus making the rest of the speech even more special and memorable.

Once you really get into the speech, you can begin to talk about the groom. Tell the audience how excited she was to go on her first date with him, how she came running to you when they finally got engaged, etc. Illustrate to your audience how you know that this is the right man for her. You can do this by sharing how you’ve seen her change since she has been with him. Maybe her mood has been permanently lifted. Perhaps she smiles more or has more confidence in herself. Whatever the case may be, be sure to relate your feelings on their relationship of the newlyweds.

After you’ve done that, you can go on to give the bride and the new couple some marriage advice. This part of the Maid of Honour speech can be straightforward or humorous. Either way, try not to offend the couple by saying they’re doing something wrong. Telling the bride how to handle her husband when he doesn’t do the dishes, or telling them to always be open and honest, aside for when she has spent three-hundred dollars on a haircut that he thinks looks ridiculous. These can lighten up the speech, but still keep it clean and fun.

Finally, conclude your speech by congratulating the couple. Tell them how happy you are, knowing that your best friend/sister, etc., has finally found the person that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. As you are ending your Maid of Honor speech, wish the couple luck and a long and happy life together.

I hope these tips have given you some useful pointers on how to prepare when giving your Maid of Honor speech at the wedding.

Good luck!