How To Write a Wedding Speech Toast

During a wedding it is a tradition for toasts to be made for the Bride and Groom. If you are giving one of these heart felt speeches, it could be a lot of pressure on you. These are a few tips that might help you to get rid of those public speaking jitters, as well as giving you some focus on your speech.

A toast should be sincere and loving. These people are not getting married everyday, and they most certainly not everyday people. These are your loved ones, gathered in holy matrimony. So when you are writing your speech, keep in mind that these are two people you care deeply about. Wish them the best and try to include that you will always be there for them.

Do not bore people. Weddings can be long, so please refrain from adding to the madness. Although the newly weds want to stay in the moment forever, they most certainly do not want to literally. Try to keep you speech to a good length. Typically, a toast should be anywhere between one and four minutes. Try not to make it too brief, but avoid a long speech; you will lose your audience fast.

The introduction of your speech should reflect on the days when the two were just getting together. Mention how the Bride would come how and talk about the Groom. To keep people interested, through in a tasteful joke about the two getting caught kissing and were really embarrassed. Any joke that is not offensive can fit. This will keep your audience captivated.

The second part is getting into the meat and potatoes of why they were meant for each other. You could say something along the lines of, “Every time she would get off the phone with him, we’d know because she would have a smile on her face.” You should even mention that although the groom is messy, the Bride is a neat freak and will keep him in line. That is another wise crack that is tasteful to use. State a semi-negative quality about one, then point out how the other fixes that without trouble. This would tell them that they were meant for each other.

The conclusion of your speech should be short and sweet. Tell the newly weds that you wish them the best and a lifetime of joy. This is not a good time to say a joke. This is similar to the end of a chick flick where it gets all mushy. Once again, be sincere and please, no fake tears. Real tears are permitted.

Before giving you speech, practice it. Try reading aloud to yourself in front of a mirror, or in front of a few of your peers. Once is not enough. Read through that speech until you have memorized it. Nothing is more dissatisfying than a public speaker reading without making eye contact. Practicing your speech should help you become more comfortable with yourself. Reading it in front of others before the wedding will help eliminate your stage fright.

A wedding day is the most memorable day for the Bride and the Groom. What you say can, and will stay with them for the rest of their lives. When you are presenting your speech, make sure to stand and speak clearly with confidence. Share you caring words with utmost sincerity. Keeping these tips in mind, you should be remembered for adding to the magic of their wedding day.

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