How To Give a Toast to the Bride

Marriage is a beautiful day where two of your loved ones are joined together. So you better let them enjoy the day by delivering the toast of a lifetime. Giving a toast is a lot of pressure, but bear in mind that the day does not focus on you.

The formula for a successful toast is simple:

  1. deliver your toast as if it were the outline of a romance film.
  2. Keep it short and sweet.
  3. Speak with confidence and sincerity.

Much like a sappy romance film, the beginning of the speech must address how the couple met. This is all about the character development. The friend of the Bride, being you, must explain their role in the whole relationship process developing into marriage. This is a great way to induce a little humor. The introduction of your speech could include a story of a time that you and the Bride were involved in some crazy antic to see the Groom. Make the introduction be about you and the Bride on a quest to bag “the perfect guy.”

Developing a theme, keeping the concept of a sappy film in mind, the second section of the speech should be more in depth and unfold a plot. In this case, the Bride needs to find the man of her dreams; can this be the one? In your toast, give the couple a few good reasons why the two work so well together. As an example, you could joke by saying that “Alice,” the Bride, “is awful with directions. But Peter,” the Groom, “is a waling atlas.” You could state that with Peter’s help, Alice has found the right path. Then you could embellish on that comment and say that it truly is the path to happiness.

The conclusion of a romance flick almost always has a happy ending. In this case, it is the newly weds sharing their lives and love together. Towards the end of your speech, wish them the best. Let them know that they have your never ending love and support. Remind them that they are great for each other and raise your glass. During this portion of the toast you should try to avoid using humor. You want the audience to know that you mean business. Most importantly, you want the spotlight to be on the newly weds; not the stand-up comic delivering the toast.

When delivering the toast, make sure everyone can hear you. Stand tall, and speak clearly. If you need to use a microphone, do so. Prevent dragging out your toast to a half an hour long. Try to keep it under five minutes, and break it up with a little appropriate humor here and there. Anywhere from 2-5 minutes is a comfortable length for you and your audience to handle.

If you follow the outline, you will be able to give the toast of the year. Speak with confidence and sincerity. After all, you are wishing the Bride and Groom happiness for the rest of their lives.

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