How to Give a Best Man Speech at the Wedding

A wedding is a moment that is remembered forever. Two people are gathered for one day in holy matrimony and for the rest of their lives. It may be nerve racking to give a speech on such an important day, especially if you have not used to giving speeches in front of a large crowd.

The following are a few words of advice to help you get the butterflies out of your stomach, and to help you write the perfectBest Man wedding speech. Being the Best Man, you should know a lot about the Groom. This can make you desire to tell dirty secrets, placing him on the chopping block.

For the sake of embarrassing yourself, and most importantly the Groom, do not say anything that could ruin the day. Although some humor is welcomed by the audience, make it tasteful. Humor is a great way to break up a monotonous speech.

Start your speech by giving a little history of how you two met. This is a great time to tell the crowd about how the Groom stole your G.I. Joe, and how you were left to play with Barbie. In fact, making jokes about oneself is a great way to avoid offending anyone, while allowing the Groom to have a good laugh as well.

The middle section of your speech should explain why you think they go good together. Isolate great qualities about each of them and state how they can work together as a team to create the perfect married couple.

The conclusion of your speech should have the most heart. Tell the couple that they are given infinite love and support from you. This is the point in your speech where you rap it up with how you wish them nothing but good fortune.

For goodness sake, avoid an hour long speech. No one likes someone who rambles on. Make sure your speech gets to the point. Try breaking up the sappy parts with some humor to provide comic relief to the crowd. Your speech should not be less than three minutes, but avoid making it longer than five.

When you are giving your speech, make sure that the Groom is sitting and you are standing. Most weddings should have a P.A. (Public Address) system with a microphone. Grab the microphone so everyone, including great aunt Julie can hear you in the back. Make sure to pace your wording. Try to avoid speaking quickly out of nervousness, and most certainly avoid mumbling. Remember, although there are a lot of people around, try to focus on your buddy and his new bride. They are the only people that matter on that day, and they have way more butterflies than you do.

Before the wedding day, make sure to practice your speech. You should know the words you have written down on paper better than the back of your hand. Rehearse the speech in front of others before presenting it in front of the married couple. Practicing the speech will allow you to flow easier, and give the humor with an appropriate delivery.

Being the Best Man can be stressful. Just remember that the day is not about you, and the spotlight is not on you. Take a breath and deliver the speech with confidence and love.