How to Come up With a Good Wedding Anniversary Speech

Wedding anniversary is a fun filled event wherein a lot of emotions can take place. There is joy, excitement, gratitude and boredom. Yes, boredom. There are lots of contributing factors for this boredom and one of these factors is a long, seemingly unending wedding anniversary speech.

It is not a custom to celebrate wedding anniversaries in a big crowd every year. Silver and Gold wedding anniversaries are the ones usually celebrated in a huge feast. During this time, it is a chance to say all the “Thank you” and to have a small reunion with friends, family members and loved ones that helped the couple during the past years of their marriage.

However, you must remember that this is not a whole day celebration and having an hour long of speech is not welcomed! Before the celebration, you must remember a few things to be able to deliver your speech right. A lot of people commit the mistake of going to this occasion unprepared thus, resulting to a very boring and nonsense monologue.

First thing you need to remember is that, you do not need to say everything in your speech. Sure you were able to last twenty-five years or fifty years of marriage and there are tons of things that happened in your relationship but your guests do not need to be informed of all those stuff! Choose one story to share with your guests and expound on it. Do not add another story because it will end up in a continuous story telling and you might be successful in putting your guests to sleep.

Second, try to add humor in your speech. Humor could be added in your speech during your storytelling so it is advisable to choose a funny story. Do not be monotonous as you deliver your joke or your funny story because it will be hard to convince your guests that you are trying to be funny.

Lastly, do not make a long speech! No matter how funny or interesting your speech is, your guests will soon get tired of hearing you crack jokes in the microphone. Make your speech simple but meaningful. After all, you are celebrating a significant event and you should not ruin the occasion because of your speech.

A speech can be a tool to entertain guests but if you overdo it, it will work otherwise. These are some of the simple things you should remember when you are preparing for a wedding anniversary speech to help you celebrate your anniversary with all the emotions except boredom.