Groom’s Wedding Speech Guide

Giving a speech to your new bride shouldn’t be that difficult-she’s your wife after all. If you’re in love enough to be married, it should be easy enough to find the words to say to her after such a romantic ceremony, right? Wrong.

Sometimes it not so easy to stand up in front of crowd of family and friends, and some people that you may not even know, and speak about the personal things you’d like to say to your wife. It’s not that easy to speak your mind about such private, personal thoughts in front of a group of people.

Your groom’s speech should contain many important points, but should also be unique to yourself and the relationship you have with your new wife and your audience. Be sure to take some time and think deeply about what you’re going to say. While you may have given speeches in the past at other events, this one may just be the most important one you’ll ever have to give. It should be smooth and thoughtful, sweet and caring.

Begin by thanking everyone for attending your wedding. You can warm your audience up with a joke, maybe about the wedding, reception, or your new bride-if she has a good sense of humor. If you think a joke will fall flat, skip that step. Continue your opening by thanking everyone for supporting your on this important day in your life.

Next, address your wife. Remember you just got married, a very romantic event. Tell her how you cannot wait to spend the rest of your life together, and that you cannot wait to begin a new life with her. After you’ve done this, be sure to tap into your softer side. Somehow convey to your new wife how happy you are. Explain how she is everything you want, and thank her for being there for you. Tell your bride that the many memories that the two of you have shared together is proof that the future will be filled with nothing but love and happiness. You can simply state it, or give short examples of your favorite memories of the two of you throughout your time together.

Conclude your groom’s speech by thanking your new bride. Reiterate how happy and excited you are, and how much you are looking forward to the future. Also in your conclusion, thank your audience. Tell them that their support on this memorable day means a lot to you, that it shows they know how in love the two of you are.
Your groom speech should be planned before the ceremony begins. The excitement surrounded the wedding, as well as the actual ceremony itself could leave your brain frazzled by the time you get to the reception, and your speech. Your wife will remember this speech for the rest of her life, and you want it to be memorable, not a jumble of thoughts and words.

So stay calm, remember who your audience is, speaking from deep within your heart, and you’re good to go!

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