How to Give a Great Wedding Speech

As a friend or family member of the bride and groom, you likely want to prepare a speech for the wedding reception. This seems like it would be simple, but when you sit down to think about what you would like to say, it usually ends up being more difficult than you ever thought it would be.

If you break the speech down into things that you should say and things that you might want to avoid, you might have an easier time putting all together in a way that will allow you to express the way you feel without making anyone feel uncomfortable.

Let’s take a look at the things that you should say, and maybe more importantly the things you should avoid in your wedding speech.

What Not To Say?

First, we will start with things that you shouldn’t say. If you are a friend or family member it can be tempting to say that you never thought the person would settle down and get married, that they always had so many dates that you never thought that would find someone to take seriously, but this is not a good time to say this! While it might make everyone chuckle, it might make the bride or groom feel a little badly about their past and might make their new spouse squirm in their seat a little bit. If you know that money has caused tension during the wedding planning process, you should steer clear of that subject as well.

Generally, you should stick with safe subjects. If you use humor, be sure that it is humor that everyone will appreciate and not a joke that will make anyone feel badly about themselves or someone else. You’ll also want to be sure that you are giving the speech or toast to both the bride and groom.

What To Say?

Now, onto the things that you should say during your speech at the wedding. You should definitely start out congratulating the new couple and wishing them well. You can share a funny story about the couple, what you thought when you heard they were engaged, or express your simple delight at the fact that they have finally sealed the deal.

Your speech needn’t be long or overly complicated, just express your feelings and your joy about the new union. You can sort of brain storm and write all of these feelings out on a sheet of paper and then put them together in a format that will create a great speech that infuses your personality as well as your joy for the new couple.

Wedding speeches can be hard to write because often you only know one of the new couple. If this is the case, you should keep things short and sweet. You shouldn’t assume anything about the part of the couple that you do not know, or use any second hand knowledge about the person other than to say that you know they must be very special and you know they are very loved. Simply close your speech by thanking the couple for making you a part of their big day, congratulating them, and then passing the opportunity to give a toast or a speech to another person.