Funny Wedding Toasts and Speeches

Everyone always remembers the funny wedding toasts! Funny wedding speeches stand out at a wedding. No one likes a dry, dull wedding speech that just goes on and on. It is one thing to give a wedding speech that is a bit sweet or sentimental. But making your wedding toast funny is ideal. Humorous wedding toasts are memorable and keep the mood at a wedding celebratory and light.

A top secret to creating a funny wedding speech is to add funny one-liner jokes and funny wedding stories. These you can create from personal experiences with the bride and groom.

As you know both the bride and groom, you certainly have some great funny personal experiences that would be ideal to share. Remember that the key is to share appropriate stories and nothing that would embarrass either the bride or the groom. There is a difference between giving a funny speech and stepping out of bounds. Writing them down and creating a draft of your speech is the first step. Try reading it aloud and get a sense of how funny it is. With a little practice, you can craft a great funny wedding speech!

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