How to write a Funny Bridesmaid Toast

Out of the prime opportunities that a woman comes across in her life is being the Bridesmaid in a wedding ceremony. This is a very thrilling experience. But in the modern culture another important responsibility is being taken up by the Bridesmaid. This important responsibility is that of delivering a Bridesmaid speech following the Best Man’s speech.

This article will provide you with simple and easy tips to enable you to prepare and accomplish this responsibility in style.

Preparing the Speech

The bridesmaid speech is generally after the Best man’s speech in the beginning of the wedding reception. Expect a fresh and huge audience eager to listen to you. So, you need to prepare well so as to not disappoint the Bride and the guests. To make the occasion more pleasant and entertaining the gathering, a Humor filled speech is the ideal recommendation. Do not try to perform a speech without any preparation which will lead to a broken speech since you will be hunting for words on the podium. Hence the best way is to prepare short notes on the speech and prepare well in advance. You will be benefited well if you practice the speech a few times as well.

The Beginning

The most difficult section of a speech performance depends greatly on the beginning of the speech. You can start by thanking for the opportunity, or by a short introduction of yourself. But a one line joke relevant to occasion will bring more appreciation and response from the audience. So, spend a lot of time to think and decide about how to start the speech. A well begun speech will ease your nervousness and form a strong foundation for the rest of your speech.

The body of the speech

Once you are in the flow, you can recall how you first met the bride, all those funny events that took place in your child hood, all that you know about the how the relationship between the newly wed couple began. When quoting such personal or private information, ensure that it is not embarrassing to anyone or hurting the feeling and privacy of others. Only speak about good and funny events.

Concluding your speech

You can conclude by thanking the audience for providing great attention and response to your speech. You should also thank the concerned for giving you this opportunity. You can suggest some advice to the newly wed from your view points about married life and finally speak a few spiritual sentences and well wishes at the end.

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