How to Give a Funny Best Man Wedding Speech

This is the one time in your best friend’s life when you have to make things memorable for him. This is your job as his best man. What better way to make his wedding memorable than to dedicate a funny speech for him? After all, weddings should be fun, shouldn’t they?

This is the time to send off your friend and his partner as a married couple so make sure you tell them, “Take care, you’re on your own!” Just kidding. But hey, best friends kid a lot don’t they? Some people would love this comment. After all, when a couple decides to get married, they’re usually ready.

A big emphasis on the usually ready part, there are a lot of couples, especially young ones, who change their minds on their wedding day. So, to make doubly sure that this gets the desired effect, follow up by bringing up pleasant memories the couple have shared, make a joke or two about them to lighten the mood.

As the couple’s best friend, for sure you’ve heard tons of them. By doing this, you promote a warm feeling of comfort, drawing the couple closer, as well the people around them. It doubles as an invitation to everyone else to express his or her support at the reception.

Getting married also means less time for hangouts with friends and more time for the missus and the kids. Usually guys take it badly so as the best man, you should find a way to make light of this. Say something like, “We were wondering when you’d get hitched, I guess you took your sweet time finding the perfect bride. She’s so unlucky to have such an ugly husband like you.”

By telling someone how lucky he or she is, even by irony gives that person pride. This is another way of reminding people that they have more reasons to be happy than to think of things that they may no longer be able to do. Again, the most important thing is to make the couple feel that they have your support.

These are but a few of the possible things you may say as the best man during a wedding. Use caution, these are just, but examples. They may work in some cases and sometimes they might not. It all depends on how the best man knows the couple.

One only has to take into consideration that this is a day a friend and his partner will start a new life as a couple. As the best man, your duty is to express your support to help them leave their doubts behind and look forward to this new life.

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