Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Free Sample

Hi! I’m Sarah and actually have been best friends with Lisa for over twenty years. I just wanted to say a few things to congratulate Lisa and her husband to be, Ben. I have always wanted the perfect guy to walk right into Lisa’s life. Being college roommates and seeing our fair share of creeps, made us create a pact. If we ever were to meet a real gentleman, we would be sure to keep them around! I’m happy that Lisa and I have both kept that promise. For this reason, I could not be happier that Ben and Lisa are getting married. It has been such a joy to watch the two of them grow closer over the years, and I knew from the start that this would last.

Lisa and I have been best friends since the age of three. We never once did anything alone, and some people referred to use as the unrelated pair of twins. Sure, we could have grown apart and tried to walk on our own two feet, but Lisa was different than any person I had ever met. She was caring, a riot to be around, and stood up for me when the cheerleaders just couldn’t accept the fact that I was prettier than them! Yes, pure sarcasm, but it was still fun to say.

I still remember the day that Lisa and I were walking to Biology class in college. We were uttering under our breath that men should be put to death, because so many of the students were frat boys with no interest in anything but beer. We ended up having to do a lab with this shy and intriguing character named Ben. Although he was quiet, you knew right away that he was genuine and cared about every word you muttered. It really made you feel important, like you had the most brilliant thing to say. At that moment I knew that Ben would be the perfect match for Lisa. He was everything she wanted in life – stability, humor, and a great outlook on everything. Being the intense person that I am, I went straight up to him and gave him Lisa’s phone number. After that one awkward moment, everything changed. They were no longer just lab partners. They were going on dates, hanging out every night, and I ended up failing the class! I guess it was worth taking it twice, just because the two love birds found each other.

Since pairing the two up five years ago, I take pride in the fact that they are such a perfect match. Of course all couples have gone through their rough spots, but Lisa and Ben never wavered. They were strong, determined to make it work, and as you can see, everything turned out for the best.

I want to wish the best to both Lisa and Ben because they deserve the world. They are no longer just my friends, but I feel as if they are my family. I have known Lisa forever and I know for a fact that Ben will treat her as if they only have one day left to live. He is such a warm and caring man. For that reason, I have no doubt in my mind that these two will be in love forever.

Congratulations! No one deserves this better than you two

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