Brother of the Groom Wedding Speech Free Sample

Thank you all for allowing me to stand up here and honor my little brother and his beloved new wife, Allison.

I am very happy that Pat has found love. I myself have been married for eight years, and know what a powerful and life-altering emotion love is.
If you saw Pat walking down the street, you would think he was a tough guy. His sculpted muscles and rough, grizzly face would lead you to believe that he is looking for a punching bag. However, being his big brother, I’ve seen his different layers, as I’m sure Allison has also.

Pat began playing football in middle school. He quickly became the quarterback, and lived his days as the star player for the Eagles. It was during this time that Pat began to meet the girls. Up until this point, Pat had tried to keep up his image as the tough little fighter, even around myself and the rest of our family. However, when girls came into the equation, the façade could no longer be upheld around some people, including myself.

I still remember those moonlit nights when Pat would come into my room before bed. We would sit and talk for hours each night until our eyelids started to close and we both began to fall asleep.

One conversation that we had while he was in ninth grade and I was in 12th still sticks out in my mind. “Girls like romantic stuff, right?” he asked me. I told him they did. “Well, what’s something simple I can do for a girl without scaring her away? I want to take her to the homecoming dance.”

It was in these moments of vulnerability and curiousness that Pat’s real self shone through. He was no longer a tough guy, but a guy with a softer, caring romantic side to him.

Throughout the years, I saw this side of Pat more. I saw his many layers and parts of him that Alison has since fallen in love with. Today he is no longer a big football stud-sorry buddy- but his muscles are still cut and his smile is still grizzly.

I am here to let Pat know that I am happy and proud that he has found someone else to spend those moonlit nights with, talking about life and love, his curiosities and his fears. Though it is sad, I am happy that Pat has someone in his life now who he can share these things with. Although it is bittersweet, there’s no woman I would rather have him share these talks with than Alison.

Every since Pat met Alison, he has changed. No longer is everything about himself anymore. His life is dedicated to this wonderful woman, his new bride. Behind his roughness is an unconditional love for someone. This is the most powerful emotion a human being can feel.

I want to congratulate my little brother and my new sister-in-law. Congratulations on finding the emotion that is toughest to find. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.
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