Bride Wedding Speech Free Sample

Hello, thank you everyone for coming together to share this special day with Chris and I. We have been waiting for this moment for forever, and after five years of dating, I can happily say that I am ready. Even though I’m not a great cook or a wonderful house keeper, I know for a fact that I will be a wonderful wife for Christopher.

Chris, you mean the world to me. I never realized that the days of saying hello to one another on campus would eventually lead to wedding rings and a ceremony. I have spent my entire life searching for someone who will complete me.

Someone who is not afraid to go out on a limb and have fun. Someone who is gentle and caring, yet still has time to be driven and determined in their careers. After going in circles and dating too many people that were just too wrong for me, I found you. We joked around, flirted, and ended up playing board games the first time we got together. I knew right then that it would end up being more. Even though we were just doing something silly, I had such a blast. I knew that this meant we could do anything and still enjoy ourselves.

You and I both know that I have not had an easy road. With career changes, health scares, and other issues weighing me down, it was difficult to stand alone. You not only gave me enough encouragement and support, but you drove me to strive. I was not satisfied with the point I was at, and without you, I don’t think I’d be so happy today.

We were always the couple in college that was inseparable and although you graduated a year earlier than me, we still remained strong. I would often tell my friends that I thought one day I would marry you, but I never actually thought you’d agree to it! When couples came and go, I tried to put myself in that position and think of what would happen if we were apart. Never once could I imagine being away from you. Without such a strong rock in my life, I would probably be misguided and leading a life that would not fulfill me.

I just want to thank you for loving me. I want to thank you for giving my family and friends respect, for coming to dinners, and giving my parents presents at Christmas. I could not be happier when you came on my last family vacation to Puerto Rico. You brightened everyone’s spirits, and we rekindled a romance that will last forever. To share something so intense and memorable with you will be in my heart no matter what happens.

Chris, I’d like to make a toast to our marriage. I have dreamt of this day for a long time, and I know for a fact that we will continue to have fun until the day we pass. I am inspired by your talents, happy with your affection, and head over heels in love. Thank you for wanting to be my husband, and allowing me to be your wife! Through thick and thin, we will always have a partier’s outlook and know that you only live once. By standing strong and having fun, we will be able to fight anything that comes before us.

I love you Chris!