Free Best Man Wedding Speech Sample

Hello everyone, I am Mike, Ryan’s best friend and best man! I always joked about Ryan’s inability to marry, and although I always just poked fun, I am still surprised that this guy actually found a girl that wanted him! I mean, what the heck happened? Just kidding.

All joking aside, I could not be happier for Ryan and Marissa. Through thick and thin, these two have beaten all odds and have been able to work around so many different obstacles. I am shocked at the amount they have been through, and because of this, I know that they are perfect together.

Ryan and I have been best buddies since the beginning of high school. I was never a popular kid, and he was the typical football player jock that got all of the pretty girls, while still managing to get high honors. I looked up to him as if he was an idol – I wanted to be respected and appreciated by the entire school class. Although I have quite the figure now, I was scrawny and disliked. I didn’t know how I was going to survive the first week of school, let alone four years! But to my surprise, Ryan was the first person to give me a chance. He was a year older and to me, like a brother. He not only introduced me to the prettiest girls, but he even encouraged me to try out football. I went on a limb and attempted it, just because Ryan had so much confidence in me. Since then, I have been playing football every weekend. Even now, it shocks me that I actually had the self-assurance to do that. Without Ryan’s motivation and kindness, I would still be that disliked kid!

Through the years, we have gone through many trials and tribulations. Although it has been a rough ride, we are still standing, and I couldn’t be more proud. Ryan is the type of person who does not get defeated. If he has to climb as far as he can without stopping, he will. For this reason, I am not surprised that he found one of the greatest girls out there. Marissa is his perfect match – caring, driven, and has such an optimistic perspective on life. We all need someone who will be our other half, someone who is just like us, but willing to push us further. For Ryan, this is Marissa. She is so loving and generous that sometimes you wonder why she is with Ryan! Just joking buddy.

Ryan and Marissa, I’d like to make a toast to your marriage and happiness. I have waited for the two of you to finally say your “I do’s” for three years now. I think I was more excited for your wedding than the two of you combined! All I want is for both of you to be happy, and with one another, I think it’s already a success. No matter what happens to all of us – I can always count on the two of you for friendship, strength, and support. I only wish you the best and I hope that one day I will be an uncle!

Congratulations – you two deserve it!

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