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Friend of Bride

Hi! I want to thank all of you for letting me take a few minutes to toast my very dear friend, Gail, and her new husband, Chris. Have you ever seen a more radiant bride? How about Chris, is he looking good or what? I feel like I’m looking at Bride Magazine when I see this picture perfect couple.

My role of distinction today is that of Maid of Honor, and my name is Anna. Gail and I have known each other since third grade, which quite frankly, seems just like yesterday on one hand…and like a million years ago on the other!

We went to the same elementary school – the same high school – and we shared a room in college! We have seen other through the good, the bad and the ugly, and we’ve each learned a lot from each other. I’d like to tell you about some of the things I’ve learned from Gail.

First – I learned that she and I needed to get better at keeping our stories straight! When we were in high school, we may have told a tale or two, and it would probably be the blatant inconsistencies of our stories that gave us away, and a part of me can’t help but think we are lucky to have made it this far!

Second – Our parents were right about some of the boys we dated…I have no idea how they were able to read the minds of those young men, but let’s just say that when the intentions were not honorable, our parents told us that way before we realized what they said was true!

Third – To not be afraid to give all in a relationship. I have to say that it was watching Gail blend in her relationship that taught me that life lesson. You see, we were both seniors in College the year she met Chris. She was, how do you say, “the older woman” in his life, and as a matter of fact, she kept his age a secret for a long time. After all, he was 19, and she’d already seen her 21st birth date. I think for a while, she tried to let the age thing get in the way, but thank God Chris pursued her, because here we are today!

Lastly, Gail taught me that good friends are hard to find, and that friends are more important than boyfriends. Wow, now that she’s getting married, I wonder if that will still hold true over husbands? I hope so!

I remember the first time that Chris and Gail kissed. It was like my radar was up, because I knew something was going on. When they kissed for the first time, it was in my apartment…and I quickly smothered them with a hug and welcomed Chris to the family as soon as she told me!

I have loved watching this romance bloom. Chris is a great guy! He’s funny, friendly and really easy to get along with. More than that…he’s got a great bod! The first time my boyfriend met him, he asked if he worked out (like, duh?) and if he had a license for those guns! Really, he’s nice on the eyes, and I love to look at him. Of course, 99.9% of the time when I’m looking at him, he’s looking at our Gail!

Gail has just blossomed since Chris came into her life. She used to be anti-marriage, but somewhere along the way (thank god!) she changed her mind! She’s become happier and has a better outlook on life in general. She’s a genuine person, with no pretences, she is caring, warm hearted, bright, intelligent, and completely self-less!
When I heard Gail and Chris were engaged, I had to know the whole skinny! Turns out he proposed to her on a gondola one night in Long Beach. Now, the fact that they had attended 12 weddings that years had nothing to do with marriage being on their mind…..but I don’t think it hurt either!

I look so forward to the future for these two. They are a perfect match, and I know that they will remain not only lovers, but friends, for all of their life. They just seem to have that certain something about them, and I know that theirs will truly be – a match made in heaven.

Please raise your glasses while I propose a toast:
If ever you are to enjoy life…now is the time! Today should always be your most wonderful day. Let today be the building block for all the years to come, and may your home and hearth be filled with your laughter and that of your children as well, for all the days of your life.

I love you guys! Congratulations!

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Maid of Honor Wedding Speech Free Sample
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