Father of the Bride’s Wedding Thoughts for Toasts

What the father of the bride thinks?

There comes a time in a father’s life when he’ll have to accept that his little girl is not so little, anymore. This starts when the daughter starts getting to know boys and dating them. A funny cliche in most traditional families is that when a young girl becomes a teenager, boys who wish to see her would have to pass daddy’s interview.

Most of the time, this little exercise is fun for both father and daughter. That is, if the daughter understands why dad does this sort of thing.

Take the movie, Meeting the Parents, for example. The girl’s dad always says to the guy: “I’m keeping an eye on you”.This example illustrates the role of the father in his daughter’s life as her protector and provider. A lot of young men would be intimidated at this sort of thing. Because of this, some give up immediately, some try to hold their cool, and there are some that really pursue. Only those who pass daddy’s little interview can move on to the next round.

As his young daughter grows, it’s the father’s job to guide her on how to handle men. A young girl who easily becomes interested in boys is naïve to their schemes. This makes a mess of things. This is why it is critical that a father knows how to balance discipline and affection for his daughter. If either of the two is not enough, the child will most likely go astray.

The more people a person gets to know, the more well rounded he or she becomes of the outside world. In the case of the young daughter, the more boys she meets and tames, the smarter she becomes. Eventually, the morals instilled by the father will be enough for her to be able to protect herself from those who might wish to take advantage of her. Though the father will continue to provide for her, her preference of her life partner will be refined more as time goes by.

People say that love is never enough for people to get married. This is a smart philosophy to live by, considering that living on your own requires that you would be able to provide for your own needs. Getting married doesn’t simply mean living together with someone; it also means that you would have to consider raising a family of your own someday. Eventually, the father becomes too old to take care of his daughter. This is why it is every father’s goal that his daughter finds a man who would take care of her in the future.

What does a father think on his daughter’s wedding day? It’s how his little girl grew up, of course.

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