Planning Your Bride’s Speech

You would think that a bride speech would come to a woman quite easily on her wedding day, but sometimes the experience can be so overwhelming that a bride finds herself at a loss for words. This is the reason that it is a good idea to plan ahead for your bride’s speech so that you can express yourself the way you want to and really say what you want to say.

Example bride speeches are a good way to get your head and heart in the right place so that you can express your feelings to the groom, to your family, and to all of your friends that are present.

A bridal speech is something that is best written over a period of time, so take your time writing your speech so that it is something that is truly unique to you and your wedding. Many brides simply choose not to make a bridal speech, but a speech is a great way to thank those that have come and celebrated your day with you. Bride toasts are not necessary, but they can be a beautiful part of the wedding experience.

Getting Started…

Getting started with your bride’s speech is often the most difficult part of putting together a speech. Knowing how to start something off in a way that will really articulate all of the emotions that are felt during this very special time in your life is important. If you are a very humorous person and that is how those that you know and love know you best, don’t hesitate to bring humor into your introduction. Anything to sort of break the ice and get warmed up is a good idea. You can always open your speech by welcoming your guests and thanking them for sharing your day with you. Another great idea is to introduce yourself with your married name, which people will get a kick out of. The introduction needn’t be anything very eloquent; it just needs to be something that will get the attention of those at your wedding ceremony or reception and to get you going on the right track!

Now That You’ve Warmed Up…

Once you’ve warmed up you can tell your guests and your husband how long you’ve been dreaming of this day and how everything has come together just as you had imagined it would. It is a good idea to express the love and adoration you feel for your husband, and convey how much you are looking forward to sharing the future with him. This will be a touching moment that you and your husband will remember forever. You can also take the time to thank your parents and your in-laws for the help that they gave you realizing the wedding of your dreams. This is the time to say everything you hope for the future and to thank everyone for their help and good wishes.

Closing Statements…

Closing your bride speech can be as difficult as opening, if you don’t plan for it. You can get trapped in one of those bad bride toasts that goes on and on and never ends. You can simply hold up your glass, if you have one, and toast to your future. You can also tell your husband that you are looking forward to the future with him and that you can’t wait for tomorrow, your first full day as his wife. Closing can be eloquent, funny, or just a toast to the future and to your marriage. Example bride speeches can give you a great sense of all of the great things that you can say to close your bride’s speech easily.