Bride & Groom Wedding Toasts and Speeches

At many weddings, it is a tradition for the bride & groom to give toasts to their guides. Sometimes only the groom gives a toast for the couple. Other times both the bride and the groom give toasts. A wedding is a celebration of love and a bride’s toast and the groom’s toast are the perfect way to share their feelings about their new union, how they feel about being a part of this new family or simply celebrating this special day. Bride and groom toasts are a tradition you don’t see at every wedding, but they are truly special when you do see them.

As the bride and the groom have already spoken their vows to each other, their toasts are not to each other: they are to all of their guests. The bride’s wedding speech and groom’s wedding speech are meant to celebrate this happy occasion. This is the perfect time for a bride to thank her bridesmaids for all of that hard work putting her bouquet and those many favors together for the guests. The groom can thank the bride’s family for welcoming him as a new member of their family or even take a moment to thank the band or other service professionals who helped make their wedding so beautiful.

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