Best Man Wedding Speeches, Toasts, Jokes & Humor

One of the most important toasts at the wedding is the best man’s. The best man speech is probably the one that most guests pay the most attention to. It truly sets the tone for the rest of the wedding toasts or speeches. Best man toasts cancome in many different styles: from funny to serious to a combination of the two.

Some of the very best best man speeches will make you laugh and cry at the very same time! But you just can’t go wrong thinking of funny best man speeches. Think of some personal anecdotes to share about the happy couple that are appropriate for the occasion.

Some guys feel they can create a best man toast easily and others feel a little tongue-tied. It’s okay, fortunately there are many free best man speech templates to get you started. Try adding a great best man joke or something funny about the happy couple. Best man one-liners are very popular and a great addition to your speech to really get attention. Before you know it, the happy day will be here and you’ll have a best man speech to keep everyone on the edge of their seats!

The following articles will help you writing your perfect best man speech:

Best Man Speeches, Toasts, Best Man Jokes & Humor