The Best Man’s Guide – A Guide to the Big Event

In the dark ages, you’d have been asked to defend the honor of your best friend’s betrothed with a sword. Even today, being the best man entails a number of sober responsibilities: carrying the ring, procuring stacks of one-dollar bills for the bachelor party, and so forth. Here’s how to put together a clutch performance as the right-hand man.

The wedding is all about the Bride and Groom, but the Best Man has his share of responsibilities. After all, you are being counted on…to be THE right hand man for the Groom!

The Bachelor Party

Yes, you are the one who organizes the bachelor party. Recruit as much help as you want, but in the end, it’s your job to get it done. So find out what the Groom wants, give yourself time to organize the event, and make sure you go over the list of invitees with the Groom.

Out of Town Guests

Offer to pick up any out of town guests at the airport as they arrive. You will be doing a lot of driving, possibly even driving the Bride and Groom to the reception, or to the airport for their honeymoon, so be prepared – fill up the tank and make sure the car is running well. You may also be expected to do some entertaining with the out of town guests before the wedding day.

Rehearsal Dinner

Because this typically happens a day before the wedding, your buddy, the Groom, will have lots on his mind…he doesn’t need to worry about these small details. You’ll need to contact all the groomsmen and make sure they are attending the dinner, make sure they are on time, and be sure they all have directions to the site.

The Wedding Day

  • Keep the Groom on schedule. If you don’t know what the schedule is, it’s typically organized by the Bride’s side, and they usually distribute copies ahead of time. Make sure you get your copy…deviate from the Bride’s schedule – and die.
  • Drive the Groom to the ceremony site one hour before wedding photographs begin. Of course, you need to make sure he’s in his tux, and that you are in your tux as well for the photographs
  • Traditionally, it’s your job to arrange to take the checks for the clergyman, musicians, photographers and other service-providers. But with today’s weddings, the responsibility can also be given to a wedding consultant, Father of the Bride, or even one of the bridesmaids. Find out before-hand and be prepared to take care of the checks.
  • Witness the signing of the marriage license.
  • When you’re backstage, help the Groom prepare for the final call. Make sure his tie is straight and everything is in place
  • Hold the Bride’s ring for the Groom (if there is no ring bearer) until called. Check for holes in your pockets first, and DO NOT fumble the hand-off!
  • Drive the newlyweds to the reception if there is no hired driver.
  • You will begin the speeches and toasting at the reception. That’s the tradition, so don’t fight it. If you’ve never been a good public speaker, be sure to have something prepared ahead of time, and practice! During the reception, you also might offer to MC a schedule of toasts and speeches.
  • Be prepared to dance with bridesmaids and relatives of the Bride and Groom.
  • Drive the newlyweds to the airport for their honeymoon if there is no hired driver.

Formal Wear

Your last major task as Best Man is to return all the rented tuxedos to the tuxedo shop. Make sure all the groomsmen and ushers give you their tuxedos in good condition and on time.

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