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If you are interested in advertising your wedding related website on, here are some basic information.

Website Demographics

The majority of our visitors are between the ages of 20-45, majority comes from USA, Canada, UK, 60-40 women vs men, and search for wedding toasts and speeches, wedding planning articles and other wedding related topics. According to our surveys, all website visitors are actively involved in online activities and always shop online if they get good deals. Our visitors include people who will be marrying for the first time as well as relatives and family friends.

Traffic Paterns

We receive over 60,000 unique visitors every month with over 220,000 page views available for purchase. More specific traffic information available on request.

Advertising Opportunities

We offer text ads as well as banner image ads (125x80px) deliverable in .gif, .jpg, .html and rich media, located at right hand sidebar.

Page Sponsor Advertising

Page Sponsor advertising gives an opportunity to publish content (written article at 800 words with your links embedded in the copy) on our website. This advertising model is perfect for advertisers who want to target a specific group of our users.

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