Introduction To Wedding Toasts and Wedding Speeches

Although no one knows for sure, toasts are believed to have originated from the habit of poisoning one’s enemy by slipping the poison into their glass of wine.

Much to the relief of guests everywhere, honorable hosts started pouring from a common pitcher and sipping the wine first – proving it was not poisoned – before offering a toast to the health and happiness of their guests.

Eventually this evolved into today’s wedding toasts that offer congratulations and best wishes to the Bride and Groom.

Yet even that simple toast of congratulations and best wishes has become more like a 2-5 minute speech, including other things such as stories from the Groom’s past and thanks to the wedding attendants, guests, and parents for helping to make the day a success.

There are typically four people who will speak at a wedding. The father of the bride, the best man, the groom and the maid of honor. Of course other people are free to speak as well, but typically these 4 are the main 4 speakers of the wedding. It is not un common for the father of the groom to speak and even bridesmaids.

The brides father usually speaks first. His job is usually to perform a toast or say a small speech and welcome his new son in law into the family permanently. He will usually offer the bride and groom happiness and health and will then thank and welcome the guests for coming. He will also say a few words to the family of the bride.

The groom usually speaks next and he replies on behalf of himself and the bride. This is the opportunity usually to thank the brides parents and relatives. He will also thank his family for all the support they have given him over the years till this point. It’s usually a very touching moment between son and family. At this time he will usually thank all the guests for coming, maybe individually singling out a few people and thanking every one for their gifts and presents.

Sometimes the groom will also mention people who wish they were there but couldn’t make it for what ever reason. At the end of his speech he will propose a toast to the brides maids and thank them for coming and for the work they did to get the wedding to this point.

The best man will usually speak next and give a funny and heartfelt speech on his experiences with the groom. The best man speech is usually the highlight of the speeches so far and will set the tone for the rest of the wedding reception. He will also tell the bride and groom how lucky they are to have found each other and that he wishes them all the best. He will also thank both parties families and guests for coming and making it such a memorable event.

The maid of honor if she is going to speak will speak now after the best man has made his speech. By this time every one is getting a little sick of speeches so the maid of honor speech is usually short and to the point. She will talk about how she met the bride, how they became close and a few funny incidents along the way. She will also wish the bride and groom all the best for their future ahead of them.

The Difference Between a Wedding Toast and a Wedding Speech

A toast is really just a few words, basically a cheer, that is offered as you raise a glass for a drink with your buddies. For a wedding, it’s a bit more formal, but basically the same thing. Read more

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